Friday, May 29, 2009

Jack and Poke

I love to learn about different organizations, their individual cultures and the people who make the organizations "work." If there is one thing I've learned, regardless of the job, it's the importance of humor.

Years ago, I took a tour of the Jack Daniels distillery. After the tour had ended, our guide asked if anyone had any questions. "How many people work here," I asked.

He said, "About half."
TGIF! Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is Your Resume "Out of This World?"

Since most of us do not include a personal photo with our resumes, do you ever wonder what picture you create in the minds of potential employers based on your poorly chosen words and formatting?

Some tips to get that all important interview:

  1. If employment gaps exist, it is totally acceptable to include volunteer and/or temp work. This shows that you have still been plugged into your community and your networking skills are sharp.

  2. Just the facts ma'am.
    Don't include lots of fluffy words/overly detailed information. Provide a clean resume listing relevant accomplishments only.

  3. Cast a broad net. Your skills could apply to a wide variety of job opportunities.

  4. Cybernetworking is critical (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter).

  5. Make sure your contact information is correct. I recently narrowed down a pile of resumes for a client only to contact the final of the candidates had the wrong phone number on her resume. Yikes.

To schedule an appointment to bring your resume back from the milky way, contact me today.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hiring & Firing Within the Law

Stay on the straight and narrow.
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I've got to raise HOW MUCH money?

It's no secret that individuals and organizations are tightening their financial belts. Contact me today to learn how to keep your nonprofit or political campaign on track with fundraising dollars.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lunch 'N Learn In-Office Communication Seminar(s)

Time is money and in this economy, both are scarce resources. That's why I am offering an in-office 1 hour Lunch 'N Learn Communication Seminar for your organization. Cost is only $125.

Some of the more popular sessions include:
Employee Hiring and Retention Strategies
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Board of Director/Volunteer Recruitment & Retention
Fundraising strategies for Nonprofits

Contact me today for more information!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jesus Saves, Moses Invests: A Christian Woman's Perspective on the Economy

To read my recent article referenced above, click here:

Jesus Saves, Moses Invests: A Christian Woman’s Perspective on the Economic Crisis

The United States of America, a capitalistic country, is still the richest and most charitable nation in the world. Socialism doesn’t work. Not because no one knew how to do it “right,” but because it doesn’t work regardless of who’s in charge. Yet some still denounce free markets (voluntary transactions between buyers and sellers) and the pursuit of increasing productivity and efficiency on a worldwide scale in efforts to create inefficient, yet carbon conscious, producers restricted by regulations and other mechanisms designed to “control” wealth, opportunity, incentive and ultimately, freedom.

Is it Christian to annihilate the economy of our world? Should we all be made to suffer equally to be “fair?” Should we sit on our talents because there is no incentive to excel? Can we simultaneously pursue profit and also share with our neighbors? Is it possible to accumulate wealth and at the same time seek justice?

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about billions and trillions of dollars, but what does that mean? Most of us in western Kentucky can agree that a trillion dollars would be enough money to fix several roofs following an ice storm of historic proportions, but just how much IS a trillion dollars? United States Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) explained what a trillion dollars means at a recent Jackson Purchase Area Lincoln Day Dinner. He said, “Did you know that if we spent $100,000 per day since the day Christ was born, that person would still have money left over today.”

Let me be the first to admit that I could fill volumes of books with what I don’t know about the bible and admittedly, I’m not the greatest at math. But what I do know is that Jesus left no room for interpretation that spiritual values should be placed far above material values. I also know that we cannot simultaneously espouse the need for sharing and denounce profitability and productivity.

But most of all, I know that despite the efforts of secular progressives to voluntarily distance themselves and force others from religious freedom and divine grace, this economic crisis is having the opposite effect as more and more people are finding themselves scheduling more and more time with the ultimate Commander in Chief for help and direction in planning the future of our families.

Donna-Maria Walker, LLC

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